Kill Devil What?

Kill Devil Hills Kill Devil Hills what a strange name right? Where did the name come from? I've heard 2 different stories as to the origin of this towns name. So I will tell them both.

1.) The original settlers of the outer banks (other than the native americans) used to walk horses up and down the coast at night holding lanterns. Ships at sea would think the lights where a far off light house and crash on the barrier island. So they where referred to as Kill Devil Hills.

2.) Kegs of RUM where hidden behind or in the hills themselves for later retrieval. The RUM was so strong it could Kill the Devil. Thus the name Kill Devil Hills.

As with most stories with multiple versions the truth lies somewhere between the two. So its completely possible that Ships Wrecked, they stored the RUM, and the RUM was so strong it could Kill the Devil!

Whatever the name Kill Devil Hills is an amazing place, and may be the most popular of all spots on the OBX

If you plan on renting a house please look through our site. If you plan on staying in a Hotel we highly suggest the Ramada, and have stayed there on many occasions. Be sure to splurge on Ocean Front as the view is amazing!

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